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Beautiful Nature Scene

Signature Products

Nature's Comfort
(AKA Bye bye pain)

A nice warming tingle that penetrates deep into your muscle tissues, helping to relieve tension, stress, and sore muscles. Good for sunburns, cold sores,chest rub...etc. 

Muscle Rub
Hair products

Sacred Serum

A combination of organic avocado, castor, oat, rosehip, argan, sea buckthorn and vitamin E. oils, combined with aloe and essential oils. Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins A, C, and E all of which contribute to cell turnover, promoting healthy cell growth and shiny hair. It also has vitamins B12 and folic acid that can help to keep your hair from falling out. These specific essential oils have many healing properties but were chosen for their unique abilities specific for hair growth and rejuvenation. 

Natural Solutions

made by Nature 

A holistic alternative to your beauty needs. 100% waste free, all containers are reusable. No harsh chemicals or preservatives are used in any of the products. They are grown organically and made naturally. I use the finest ingredients: 100% raw organic local beeswax, unrefined coconut, cold-pressed avocado, rosehip, grapeseed, hempseed, oat, jojoba, castor, vitamin E oils; Pure Himalayan pink salt, Epsom salt, unrefined Shea butter and Cocoa butter, and essential oils. This company was founded in 2021, however, formerly known as Natural Solutions since 2014.

flower and the bees


"This was the only cream/ rub that made a difference in headache!"

Breanna, Kansas City

"The pain salve is amazing, I use it on my arthritic hands then put my tommy copper gloves on it feels great"

                  Jerry, Missouri

"I recently got the Forest Rain and Lavender scented deodorant. My boyfriend got Forest Rain and he's always been picky about any other deodorants and has always used Old Spice, he also sweats like a mofo. He put on Forest Rain and literally has not sweat from his pits since then. He really enjoys it and wears it every day. This morning I was rather ripe and I put on the Lavender kind and it eliminated all traces of stank whatsoever, all I smell is some lovely Lavender goodness. It goes on so smooth and it doesn't clump like regular deodorants. Really really great job on this product"

                 Katie, Wisconsin

"I was sent a sample to test for Jen Mc C and her company, Natural Solutions. I have tried the Beard Oil and the Beard Balm. I tried it first a few days ago, and after several days of using it, I LOVE THEM! They are both organic and made here in Kansas City. The oil has aloe in it, so it really helps soften and moisturize the skin underneath the beard that usually gets dry and unhealthy. It is also great and not irritable on my neck after I shaved it to edge it up. The balm has done a great job with helping my beard feel soft and touchable, not rough and scruffy feeling. The balm also helps with styling and making sure everything is right where you want it. I have been complimented on the fragrance of it as well!

For Father's Day, it looks like these products are on sale for a combined $25. Jen said you can contact her and she will try to work with you to get it in your hands in time! Support local businesses and get the most important dads in your life something they will enjoy and can use everyday!"

Mark, Kansas

#Natures Renewal

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