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  • What are your hours of business?
    I am an E-Comm business so I am always open, however, the best times to get ahold of me for questions is between the hours of 9am-8pm.
  • Payments accepted
    I do accept cash from locals that choose to pick-up their orders. Otherwise, I accept paypal, apple pay or other forms of debit or credit.
  • Do you make the products yourself?
    Yes, I make all the products myself and recipes myself. I use only high quality products and source as locally as possible. I have three bee keepers on hand I work with, all local and all of high quality products, where heat is not used.
  • What is your brand?
    My brand is Nature's Renewal LLC. I have created this brand from top to bottom, it has been trademarked and all rights reserved to myself, Jennifer McCale, and my company, Nature's Renewal LLC.
  • Are your products Vegan
    NO, I use beeswax in most all of my products, balms and roller scents ARE considered vegan. Beeswax has many wonderful properties and is very easy to work with.
  • Are your products Organic
    I use as many ingredients as possible organic, however, I will not say that all products are fully organic. Main reason for this is the beeswax used, my bee keepers do not use pesticides on their yards, fields or flowers. However, the bees can roam and do so up to a 5 mile radius, therefore, can pollinate from others flowers who have sprayed.
  • Shipping
    Everything is made in small batches on an as ordered basis. Therefore, it takes a little longer to ship. Please allow 1-2 weeks for full process including shipping to get to you.
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